The life of a stray dog is hard in Romania – especially for the small ones. We were driving on the countryside and feeding the stray dogs there. Everywhere in Romania there are abandoned pet dogs and dogs who have born to be homeless.

We stopped on the roadside at an auto repair shop to feed the stray dogs. Among the dogs was a small female whom the other bigger dogs didn’t let eat. She had also lost her eye. We called her saying: “Come to mommy you little beauty!”. She ran to us and we took her on a lap. She buried her head in an armpit. There she rested while we drove forward to a better future for her. She wouldn’t have survived for a long time there.

We named her Xena, because she is a little princess and a soldier too ❤ Now little Xena is looking for a loving home.

October 28, 2018

Xena got own home from Finland in October 2018 ❤

  • Female, Size: Small

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