Pia Lovo, Finland
Kaisa Maltari, Finland

Trine has been rescued from the streets of Giurgiu. She had three little newborn puppies. Trine was defending them and people called dog catchers to catch her. It was a luck that the man who was feeding them called Magda.

Trine is so shy that it is even difficult to take photo about her. The person she trusts most is Florin.  Her babies have been adopted but Trine still needs time to gain her trust in humans.

  • Female, 45 cm, Born appr. in 2012–2013

June 28, 2018

Trine is now about 5–6 years old. Trine was in a little accident in the spring and she had to be nursed for that. Trine was very nicely when we cleaned the wound in her lip under her muzzle. Trine is a little bit braver and has even taken some sweeties from hand.

January 2021

Trine got own home from Germany ❤

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