This boy is for people who love big size dogs. Timid is also for those who know how to handle in a delicate way a soul who had a hard life – an injured heart full of tears. He is a Romanian typical dog. Some people took him, when he was just a baby, because he looks like a breed dogs. They cut his tail and put him in chain. When he did not become the aggressive dog that they wish to be…his end was near…too near. And there we came.

Timid has been in our rescuing center since 2015. Now we want to give him a real chance for adoption with your help Timid is a very gentle and shy personality. He would appreciate somebody who can give him love and who can be gentle to a big size boy. He really deserves that 🙂

August 4, 2020

Finally Timid has luck. He came to a foster home in Finland today ❤

September 2020

Timid has got home from Finland ❤

  • Male, born appr. in August 2014, Size: big, 60 cm, 18 kg

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