Tancote (the tank) is in a respectable age, he is appr. 9–10 years old. He has a hard life behind him and small hopes for future. Our old male will try to find his family despite there is so many sweet dogs which are daily posted for adoption. Tancote is a pack of love and gentleness who enjoys food and cuddling 😀 He is good with cats also. Please consider to give a chance for a dog who never had a one.

  • Male, born in 2008–2009, Size: 55 cm, 25 kg

October 31, 2018

Our old gentleman has allowed to travel to a foster home in Germany. We are so happy that he now is loved and cared about.

Tancote was a chain dog who had spent his life on the chain – a life in 1.5 meters – that was his life before MAP. He had no attention or loving care – no protection for the winter or sun, just nothing… When he came old and sick, he was “disposed of”, because he no longer had any value for his owner 😦

He was lucky and didn’t have to go to the slow death – instead of that he came to MAP with us. Tancote is old and has some problems with his bones. No matter how long he is allowed to live yet, it is certain that it will be one of the best times in his life – he is now in a good care in Germany. We are so happy for him to have all this in his life ❤

Thank you to all who made this possible and also have a heart for these ancient treasures!

November 4, 2018

The best news! Tancote has got own home from Germany ❤

Tancote had a loving foster family, which would have kept him forever. We didn’t really believe that we could find a home for this old gentleman. BUT Tancote was not even a week in Germany and now he has found his family. This is so amazing. He has never really been loved. It is so beautiful that there are people who want to give also for these old ones a possibility to know what it feels to be loved ❤ Tancote is old and he has not very much time left, but we are so happy that he is going to be loved the rest of his life.

We are so grateful and hope that the other old dogs also are lucky to find their homes!

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