The winter is very hard for romanian stray dogs. The little ones are dying in the winterstorms, cold winds and frost. Two little bitches gave birth in the corner of a hotel building. They took care of the puppies together. One of the hotel workers feeded the dogs. The owner of the hotel was irritated about the dogs and was going to call the dog catchers. The puppies and the mothers would have  been taken to a public shelter which is a hell hole for all the dogs – especially for little ones and the puppies. The dog friendly hotel worker phoned to Magda and asked for help. We took the dogs to safety in MAP. This little dog we named Serafina. Now we are looking for a home for her. Serafina is a small dog – about 7–8 kg. She is still young and very friendly to humans.

March 31, 2019

Serafina got own home from Finland in March 31, 2019 ❤

  • Female, Size: small, about 7–8 kg

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