Roosa, Rambo and Reino were found as a puppies from a pile of rocks in the fields in Giurgiu. Their mother was a very shy dog who did her best to take care of her babies. The circumstances for that were poor and the puppies were very small and weak. They also had a skin disease. Why we didn’t take them to MAP immediately? If we would have taken them to MAP they would soon have got parvo, because they were not vaccinated. Their general condition was so weak that they would have died in parvo. So we brought them food, medicine, warm blankets and a tarp to protect them.

Every time we came the mother tried to warn the puppies but they came happily to us wagging their small tales. They were so happy to get food and care. One evening we were watching the weather forecast in TV. There was going to be –9 °C and a snowstorm. Then we knew that we had to take the puppies because they couldn’t survive in that kind of weather. Our friend Gabi promised to take the puppies in her care. In her loving care the puppies grew healthy and happy. One of the four puppies was adopted to Germany. Their shy little mother was later catched to be sterilized. She also got home from Germany.

Roosa got home from Finland in September 2017. Her Brother Reino was adopted in this same family before.  A little bit later also Rambo was adopted in this family. Now they are happily reunited.

The family has also a leonberger Sulo. Roosa was afraid of Sulo because of his size. When Roosa saw Sulo first time he tried to attack him. It was a lucky thing that Sulo is so peaceful and has good nerves also. Roosa, Reino and Rambo are very lovely dogs and full of energy. They are playing a lot together. Roosa is still too small to play with Sulo, but she tries to lick the corners of his mouth and rolls in front of him.

  • Female, born in November 2016, Size: medium

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