Pikkuemo (Little mom) had been abandoned at the gravel area. There she made a nest and gave birth to her babies. A truck driver had noticed that. We were in the nearby area helping other dogs and the driver came to tell us about this little mom.

We could have picked the mom right away, but the newborn puppies were a problem. If we would have transfered the puppies to MAP or any other shelter they would have been in a great danger to get parvo or some other infection. We tried to find some solution how we could get them to a safe place without risking their health. Nearby there was also an other mom with 8 newborn puppies. We gave food and water for both moms and left them promising to find a solution for them.

In MAP we had an old room for cats and then we remembered that it had been in no use for a long time – SO there was no parvo! Next day we fixed the broken floor there and after that it was a perfect place for the little family.

We drove back to the gravel area. When Pikkuemo saw us she ran straight to us and was so very happy. We took her first to our car. Then we went to pick up the puppies. First we found only two of them. The other two we found after crawling into the nest hole. This time our target was to take only Pikkuemo and her babies – but we just couldn’t leave the other mom with her babies there. So we took all of them with us to MAP.

In the evening Riikka was looking at the videos she had taken in the gravel area. In the last video Riikka saw something moving in the nest hole… It should have been empty, because we had already taken all the four puppies to the car. BUT there was the fifth one! We drove very fast back to pick up this last one and now it is also safe in MAP. There really are angels ❤

Pikkuemo is now available for adoption and she is waiting for a loving family ❤

September 24, 2018

Pikkuemo got home from Finland in September 2018 ❤ She is travelling to Finland after her babies are old enough in November.

November 30, 2018

Unfortunately Pikkuemo’s babies got parvo and they didn’t survive. RIP little angels…

Pikkuemo has now travelled to home in Finland ❤

  • Female, Size: Small

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