Pepi Pirpana (Ginger)

Pepi Pirpana has been found with her mother and brother Nova in the dump. The puppies were about one month old.

June 5, 2018 – News from the family

Pepi Pirpana is also called the kangaroo 🙂 Where Pepi Pirpana is there is also fast and danger! She likes to play with balls – even by herself. She sometimes drops the ball in the stairs and then runs to catch it – again and again. She loves the log-fire, our cottage and being in the countryside. Sister Nipsu is her best friend and they can spent hours just sitting on their watching place (made by their daddy). She loves everybody – humans, dogs and especially small children.

Pepi Pirpana got own home from Finland in September 2017 ❤

  • Female, born appr. in May 5, 2017, Size: small

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