A pekingese-mix male had been abandoned in a herd of dogs which had settled near a small shop. Magda’s friend Gabi, who is friendly to dogs, feeds there this herd. Gabi has sterilized all the females to prevent unwanted puppies to born homeless. As the snowstorm was approaching Gabi sent a message to Magda, if we could pick up this pekingese boy and give him a possibility to get a home. She told us that the dog was taking contact with people and was very friendly. He was also managing very well with the other dogs in the herd. We took this little male to MAP in March 28. We are going to tell more about him, when he has settled down in MAP. We call him now Osku. Osku weighs about 8 kg.

Osku got own home from Germany in 2019 ❤

  • Male, Size: small, about 8 kg

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