We got a phonecall on a warm summer day about a pup. The pup was being stuck in a pipe in backyard of a shop in Giurgiu town. It had been escaping dogcatchers and ran into pipe full of sticky warm pitch and pup was stuck there. It was a true miracle that pup was still alive after it had been lying there for two days… people were just passing by and ignoring the helpless pup crying.

We took the whole pipe with us and with litres of oil and hours of work we managed to dilute this poor creature off the pitch. He was so hungry but still very full of life considering he had such a horrible experience. He was first ok and recovering but fragile body had been through a lot and he got also parvo. But with medicating and support of love Onni (Luck) survived to life!

He is now happily adopted in a loving and best family, playing with another romanian adopted dog and lovely two girls of family. The pics of rescuing Onni look horrifying but they are a proof that even with hard cases there can be result of healthy and perfect life!

Onni got own home from Finland in November 2017 ❤

  • Male, born appr. in May 2017, Size: medium

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