Eugen found Moriz alone from a road. He was happily running to Eugen like saying: “It was very nice that you came, because I’m still so very small and all alone here. Could you help me?”.

Of course Eugen could ❤ He took Moriz with him and the little puppy got a safe place in MAP. Moriz is a very brave little dog and is now living with the big guardians on the frontyard. He is safe there and can be just a carefree puppy. He likes to rest beside the big dogs like Costel.

It’s very difficult to say how much Moriz will grow and how big he is going to be. Now he is very small, but can be also medium size as an adult. We can promise nothing else but surely he is going to be a DOG ❤ It would be nice if Moriz has dog company in his future home. This little dog is full of energy and has a great potential to be and learn anything. Moriz just loves people and is now waiting for his forever loving family ❤

September 20, 2018

Moriz has got home from Finland in September 2018 ❤

September 25, 2018 – RIP

Little Moriz had pains in the evening. The pains passed and he looked better, but in the night he died. We suppose that he got a heart attack. RIP our little angel ❤

  • Male, born June 2018, Size: Small/medium

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