Mom without name

Her name is ´Mom without name´ as she is one of those very sweet but unfortunately not so fluffy and media sexy-poor dogs that attracts peoples’ attention. She was wondering around our rescuing center. She had given birth, but abandoned without her pups. She was very sad at first and you still can see this glimpse of sorrow in her eyes sometimes. We have offered her as much security and care as our small resources allow. This mom really would need own home where to be loved and leave harsh years of Romania to be a distant memory. Mom seeks peoples’ attention and plays with other dogs in her cage. She goes very well along with the other dogs. Mom without name is a very sweet and loving lady 🙂

Mom without name got own home from Finland in May 2018 ❤

June 14, 2018 – News from the family

Mom without name is now Armi according to Miss Universe Armi Kuusela. The first days at home she was confused and reserved, but she has become braver all the time.

Strange noices are still scaring, but we are happy to have a large backyard where to wander. She likes to be praised and is seeking contact. Inside the house she likes to be in her own box, but she always comes to get kisses. Armi likes to be outside, but she is not used to the grass. After three days she was housebroken. She likes massaging and chatting. Armi is walking very well in lease and has already found some joy in her life. We go ahead with small steps ❤

  • Female, born appr. in 2015, Size: small/medium, 12 kg

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