Mirella has born on the streets and rescued to MAP as a little puppy. Mirella belongs now to the guardian dogs of the MAP. Mirella has quite demanding personality eventhough she is very friendly and sociable with people. She is full of energy and any fences can’t keep her inside. She is a good climber. So she lives free in MAP with other guardians.

  • Female, born 2010, Size: appr. 55 cm, 25 kg

November 23, 2018

Mirella loves humans and she is always asking for more petting. She never gets tired of petting. If you visit MAP, you will soon become familiar with Mirella’s nails. She is following people everywhere and begging for attention by scraping with her paw.

As Mirella has been a guardian dog in MAP for a long time, we have put her in the category of Special needs adoptions. Mirella gets very well along with the dogs in her own herd. She has also accepted very small puppies in MAP. However we don’t really know how she would behave with an unfamiliar dog. This is why we are looking for Mirella a home where she can be the only dog. She is not accustomed to cats either. As Mirella has a background as a guardian dog we can not also think her to run free in a dog park among unfamiliar dogs. We don’t know how she would react there.

Mirella is now about 8 years old and starts to be in a senior age. She is tired and misses more and more contact with humans. Mirella has always been the most loving dog with people. For a short-haired dog like Mirella the cold weather in wintertime is worst. She would enjoy so much to have a sofa where she could laze.

Mirella is such a sweetheart and a very beautiful dog. We wish so much that we could find her a suitable home, where could be taken account her past life. Mirella would enjoy to get retired and finally to have her own human in her life. She really deserves that. We don’t give Mirella in a family where are children. In MAP she has not accustomed to children. A block of flats is not also Mirella’s home, because she has been living free in an open place. A house in a peaceful area with a fenced yard is an ideal place for her. As Mirella is not young anymore she has lost some of her energy, but she still needs quite a lot exercise.

March 24, 2019

Rest in peace, Mirella ❤ Our dearest angel is running free now ❤

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