Minnie Mouse

Tiny little Minnie was abandoned to death in a romanian little village. We found her with two other dogs (Bobi and Mikki) from a coop. Their owner had moved to an other city. Minnie was lucky to be found and to get to MAP.

Minnie is a tiny little lady, whos weight is only 3 kg. She is so sweet and soft. Minnie likes the attention and petting she gets from humans. She is also a little bit bossy and the boys in the same cage are under her control. In Minnie’s home there could be males of same size or bigger, peaceful males. Minnie is suitable also to be an only dog, if she gets social dog contacts outside her home. In MAP she has not been with cats, so we don’t know what she thinks about them. Because Minnie is so small, it is not probable that she would scare the cats.

We are looking for Minnie a home where she is treated like a dog eventhough she is so tiny. The home should offer much love, but also limits with a positive feedback. We don’t give Minnie to a home, where are small children. She is so quick in her moves that she could escape from an open door. Minnie is also so tiny that she is not suitable to be a family dog in a family with small children. She needs a lot of excercising and a diet to prevent her weight gain. A small and quite long dog like Minnie requires good muscles and slimness to keep her healthy and functional for a long time.

Minnie is still young, about an year old. Her other eye there is beginning to form a cherry eye. The cherry eye will be operated when Minnie is sterilized.

January 2019

Minnie has got own home from Finland ❤

  • Female, born appr. 2018, Size: 3 kg

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