Mikki was abandoned to death in the yard of a Romanian village in a coop with two other dogs (Bobi and Minnie Mouse). The owner moved to another city. Mikki was lucky to be found. He is now safe in MAP.

Mikki is a compact size dog (5–6 kg), brisk and friendly. Mikki gets very well along with the other dogs. He has been in a cage with an other male and a snappy tiny female. Mikki is also suitable to be the only dog in a family, if he gets social contacts with other dogs outside the home. There are no cats in the shelter, so we don’t know how he gets along with cats. Because he is quite a small dog, it is probable that the cats are not afraid of him.

Mikki needs a lot of excercising and a diet to prevent his weight gain. A small and quite long dog like Mikki requires good muscles and slimness to keep him healthy and functional for a long time. Mikki is a young dog. He is about a year old.

Mikki got own home from Finland in January 2019 ❤

  • Male, born appr. 2018, Size: small, 5–6 kg

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