Luna has been rescued from a public shelter at the last moment. She has been a long time in MAP.

Luna got own home from Finland in September 2017 ❤

May 19, 2018 – News from the family

Luna was about three years old when I adopted her. The first photo has been taken in the airport. She was so very scared. I am happy that I had exercised in the gym for years so that I could carry her (20 kg) to the car. Luna was so tired that she slept all the way from Helsinki to Oulu (from southern Finland to the north).

At home was waiting two cats, two old dogs, one rescued german shepherd female and a belgian shepherd male. I put Luna alone in one room so that she could rest without being disturbed. She showed her teeth if some of the dogs came too close. She slept the first days. I was happy that she ate everything I gave her.

I kept one week as a maternity leave. At first Luna didn’t defecate or urinate at all. She was so scared about everything that I always had to carry her out. Then she was walking by the walls of the house or layed on the ground. Usually I had to carry her also back inside. I cried and suffered for her sake. I had never seen so shy and fearful dog. Luna was housebroken from the first moment.

After one week we had taken big steps forward. The other dogs could be outside at the same time with her, if they didn’t come too close to her. The old dogs fortunately understood the situation and left her space. At the walks she panicked when she couldn’t see the house anymore. She was scared about everytghing, the wind, sudden noices,.. I am happy that this area is so peaceful. In one week we slept in the same room without cats. Luna was not used to the cats and started to hunt them. It took few weeks to learn that also the cats belonged to our family.

Luna is very clever, sniffs everything and learns quickly. I never have to say again about anything. She has found her place in our herd. She is the last one, but so grateful all the time. Luna has had a panick attack twice in winter and now in spring. She was in a lease and was running so that the lease was finally totally around her so that she could not move anymore. She was lying in the ground and just screamed. The other dogs were looking so astonized that it was worth of seeing. I got her calmed after a while. I told her that there is nothing to be worried about and unleashed her.

She has had so many traumas and I have done a lot of work with them. She is scared about being hit. A black waste sack was very scaring to her. She is scared about children also. After our walks she was also very nervous if she was let to come inside.

I can not yet say that she totally trusts me. Sometimes I feel that when I walk to her she is thinking if I hit her. She has got now some human friends. In vet Luna was behaving very well. I could be proud of her.

She walks now very nicely in a leash. If we walk longer than 40 minutes she starts to lift her hind leg. I think she has some old injury in that leg. So we walk with the old dogs. I also give her (and to the old dogs) some extra joint nutrient. I have thougt that in future it would be interesting to get her X-trayed.

Luna is a very lovely dog and I am very grateful of her. And she of me. In the mornings she is always jumping happily when we wake up and start to prepare the breakfast. She really is happy about the little things. Luna is a calm dog, but gets some extra energy in the mornings. She is a kind of sofisticated princess. She knows now her worth ❤

  • Female, Born appr. in 2014, Size: medium

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