We saw Lisa first time sitting in a corner of the street in Giurgiu Romania. There was much traffic and people walking around her. She was begging for food and attention trying to look at people nicely. This is so common sight in Romania that people just don’t care. Sometimes somebody can throw a piece of bread but usually the situation is totally opposite. People may shake their bags, throw stones, kick,… It was just a miracle that this girl obviously had not have very bad experiences because she was so trusting.

Lisa was very lucky to meet us when we were collecting dogs for our sterilization day. We just picked her and she was happy to be in a lap. It is a sad truth that most of these dogs we must return to their living areas after sterilization. Lisa was so friendly and trusting that we decided to give her a possibility to get adopted. So now she is in MAP waiting for her family ❤

Lisa loves people and she is ready for adoption. She is under 2 years old and medium size. She is now quite slim, because she has eaten just some waste on the street.

We are looking for her an active home where also can be calmed down. Lisa needs a gentle teaching how to be at home. Taking contact with her is very easy. It is probable that she is going to follow her human everywhere. The dogs who have been on the street are talking dog very well, so it would be nice if she would get  a dog friend or more.

December 2018

Lisa is now in a foster home in Germany ❤

Lisa has got own home from Germany ❤

  • Female, born appr. in 2016, Size: Medium, 40 cm, 10 kg

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