Indy (Lia)

Indy and her small puppies were rescued from the streets. They survived the winter and all the health problems but when it is about to survive with humans… Their story is very simple: an abandoned female with babies on the streets. The mother had to survive with her babies.

A friend called me when the first snow came and unfortunately I had babies with parvo. Taking them in MAP was out of the question then. A few days ago she called me again. The babies had just escaped from the dog cathers hands and mother was hiding with them. She said that she is not sure she could save them next time 😦

So I had to think – parvo vs. dog catchers – so no matter how bad parvo is it is not compared with dog catchers and the death 😦 So I took them.

One of the puppies died soon after my friend’s call. Indy and her two puppies are now in MAP. We are now looking for a good home for Indy and the other pup Edla. Leya is already reserved to Germany.

Indy loves humans a lot and likes to sit on a lap – even on stranger’s lap. She likes to be petted.

Lia got own home from Germany in June 2018 ❤

  • Female, Born appr. in 2016, Size: small, under 35 cm

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