This young female has been living in the street in Giurgiu. She must have been very smart as she had survived there and was in a very good condition. She had found food and escaped all the dangers of the streetlife.

We were organizing our sterilization day in a park in Giurgiu. She came curiously to the opposite side of the street to watch us. We succeeded to catch her with some dog sweeties. Our aim was to sterilize her and return her to the area. She was suspicious at first, but soon she relaxed and started to enjoy the situation. In the waiting area she fell asleep. She had finally a safe place for that.

We started to think what to do with her. Fysically she was suitable for the streetlife, but we were worried about her trusting nature. She was too confident and it is very dangerous for a street dog. Some people have bad intensions about the dogs. So we weighed her situation and also “discussed” with her. She lay down and wagged her tail to us. We decided to take her to MAP.

Her name is now Streetgirl Goldie ❤ A suitable home for her is a home where she can be just a DOG. Goldie is still growing and will be medium size. She will enjoy long walks and all the nice stuff dogs are doing. Goldie is now waiting for a loving home ❤

November 2018

Goldie got own home from Germany ❤

  • Female, born appr. in 2017, Size: Medium

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