Emily was wandering all alone on a side of a field when she was found. The lady who found her contacted us begging for our help. So we took Emily to MAP. The girl is now vaccinated and she is ready to be adopted.

Emily is an extremely kind dog. She looks a little bit resigned. When she comes near to people her tail is between her legs, but she is so happy to get some attention. She could stay for ever in a lap being petted. Emily would need encouragement and gentle care in her future home to get more assurance for her still-gloomy nature. Above all, much, much love. That’s what Emily really deserves.

Because Emily is still submissive, a dominant dog is not suitable company for her. A nice dog friend who gives space to Emily would certainly be good for her. Especially if the dog ​​is brisk and brave, from whom she would get a model to get rid of her insecurity. Emily is looking for a peaceful home. She is not suitable for a family of young children.

Emily’s second eye is damaged and it is therefore totally blind. The damaged eye will be removed on the Romanian side. However, having only one eye is not hindering Emily. She manages very well with the one healthy eye. Emily is going to be the most wonderful friend for some lucky one. In MAP Emily has not barked at all, but it is possible that she finds her voice after she gets more trusting.

  • Born: 2018, Female, Size: small, under 35 cm

May 19, 2019

Emily got own home from Finland ❤


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