Elsa (Mama Cherry)

Elsa has been found with her puppies in the dump. The puppies (Pepi Pirpana and Nova) were about one month old.

Elsa got own home from Finland in October 3, 2017 ❤

June 7, 2018 – News from the family

Elsa came to our home in Kyröskoski in October 2017. That time we had an other dog 12-years old Jatsi. Elsa and Jatsi were very good friends. It was sad that Jatsi soon went to dogs heaven in November 2017.

Elsa is such a lovely package ❤ She is very curious, eager, but sometimes very shy. She has many dog friends and is ok with almost everybody – she can also yell at other dogs sometimes. My mother’s rescue dog Masi is a good friend and they meet many time in a week. In the photos Masi is the brown dog.

Elsa has a habit to examine toys very properly 😉 A ball with some yums is a favorite. Elsa is a total circusdog and can jump very high. She hardly never sleeps in her own bed, because she likes to sleep beside mommy. Elsa has become fatter, so we have started a diet  now.

We are very happy together and wish to thank Magda and Riikka ❤

  • Female, born appr. in 2015, Size: small

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