We were in the countryside and we saw a little dog sitting in an empty railway station. The dog looked panicked. It was clear to us that she had been abandoned. These kind of dogs are the ones we must always rescue, because they would have no real chances to survive on the street. They are too small to live among the bigger dogs and with a short hair they would froze in wintertime.

So we stopped to catch her. At first she panicked and ran to the bushes. After a while Elfie let come nearer, but she growled and pissed under herself. She was so afraid of us. Somebody had brought her a little blanket and a broken waterbowl. Elfie had obviously been there for a while. What had it been to sleep there among the garbage and being so very afraid all alone? Very slowly she came nearer and finally let to pet her. In the car on the road to Giurgiu she was sitting as near as possible on a lap. All the way to MAP she was holding tight my arm with her little paws. Maybe she had never been on a lap.

Elfie got own home from Finland in October 2017 ❤

May 18, 2018 – News from the family

Elfie is not scared anymore. She loves to be sleep in an armpit. She is very playful and always ready to sniff new things. Elfie makes everybody smile. We have been living in a big finnish town, but now we are moving to the countryside.

  • Female, Size: small

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