Sometimes I name my dogs from people who ask my help. Well…. now I have Denis, Denisa …and I have lost the number of them. BUT it is OK, because this girl (Denisa), whom I know from 2007, is in fact the only constant volunteer in MAP. Constant volunteer means here that she comes once or twice per month to spend a day in Magda’s Angels Place.

Well – this dog named Denisa is a small/medium size fluffy dog. Denisa was a stray dog. Six years she watched out her back on the streets. Six years she had to hide every day because of dogs catchers and six years every winter she felt every minus degree on her own skin. For six years she survived. I think she is a proof of her value. She just needs a human to appreciate her and adopt.

Denisa has been in MAP two years and nobody has asked her for adoption. She is good with people and also with other dogs. She is also calm and nice.

Denisa got own home from Finland in April 2018 ❤

May 8, 2018 – News from the family

Denisa has been one week at home here in Finland. We live in the country and we have totally four dogs. We have done two boat trips with Denisa and she seems to like it. She is totally relaxed in the boat. She does well with our other dogs. We have also three teenagers in our family, so our family is not the most peaceful place. Denisa seems to like it all and is curiously watching us. Of  course we have tried to give her a peaceful start and time to adjust in our family. She is a very brave and lovely dog.

  • Female, born appr. in 2009, Size: 35–37 cm, 8–9 kg

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