Denis has lived in the streets all his life. He was rescued to MAP after the dog catchers took him. Denis is a little shy, but curious and open to know humans. In MAP Denis is the dog, who is a friend with all dogs – also with Antrenor. He jumps over the fences and then stays for a while playing with the dogs. He is very smart and always careful with all what is happening around. Denis is a little bit shy, but he comes comes to give the nose touch and he also sometimes allows us to pet him. He never gets involved in any problems. Not barking… just jumping over fences …

September 2020

Denis has now been for a while in a foster home in Germany. Denis had won everyone’s heart in the MAP. At first he was an absolute problem child and so shy that he could only be tempted with sausage. A 2 meters high wall was not a big problem for him either.

Nobody would have thought it possible at this point that he could go through such an extreme change .. He cannot be recognized in his foster home !!! He has become a self-confident, people-related and above all cuddly guy who even likes to be petted by visitors. Just a super great and extremely smart dog.

With such an example you can see again how important it is to give every dog’s soul a chance, no matter how hopeless it seems at first ❤️

October 2020

Denis got own home from Germany ❤

  • Male, born 2011, 45 cm, 16 kg

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