Coco was abandoned near the Cityhall in big a danger to end up in the hands of the dog catchers. We took Coco in the first day when he was abandoned because he was so friendly and so happy. On the street that kind of attitude can bring so many problems – o he could have been a fast easy victim. We could see that Coco had been in a house with owners as he liked sofa and travelling by our car… or maybe he liked those things with us. He was named Coco Jambo. Coco is a very smart boy and full of energy.

Coco was very funny when we castrated him. He was so crying girl and for every person coming in my house he was with his legs up and showing “look what they have done to me”. He did it for two weeks…

Coco got own home from Finland in March 5, 2017 ❤

June 2018 – News from the family

Coco is my little baby. He is just an amazing dog – and his character. Sometimes he is like a bogeyman and soon after he comes and wants to be petted. Coco sleeps in my arms and keeps his head on the pillow. When Coco came to us he soon began to feel at home.

Coco is a very good friend with Bebe. Sometimes they can quarrel about food – nothing else. Coco and Bebe are now just like brothers. Coco’s fur has faded so much that they are almost same color with Bebe.

Coco and Bebe are so absolutely wonderful dogs and so dear to us. Thank you Magda for these sweeties ❤

  • Male, born in 2016, Size: small

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