We found Chipi with her mom and siblings wondering in the middle of a road. They were very trusting and friendly. That’s why they were in a great danger to be run on when they were looking for food. We took Chipi with her mom and the other puppies to MAP and now we are trying to find home for Chipi.

Chipi is now living with Magda and Florin at their home. Chipi is a very brave pup playing with tens of cat friends and bigger dogs. Chipi likes to run free in forests and sleep in Magda’s bed with the other animals. She has learnt a lot about living in a house and being a pet ❤

Chipi is a normal energetic pup who is just waiting for her own loving family.

October 22, 2018

Chipi arrived to a foster home in Finland ❤

October 27, 2018

Chipi got own home from Finland in October 2018 ❤

  • Female, born in May 2018, Size: Small/medium, 6 kg

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