We found Casimir alone from the street. It was clear that he had been an owned dog – maybe he had been living on someone’s backyard. This kind of small dogs have little chances to survive alone on the street. In Romania it is very common to abandon pets when the owner for some reason does not want to keep the dog anymore. We named Casimir first as Takku (eng. knot), because his fur was in so bad condition. It was full of burdocks and knots which were impossible to sort out. Casimir was very patient and grateful when Magda for hours  cut his fur carefully. It was amazing to see that he had so soft and silky fur underneath. Because of his new silky fur we named him again to be Casimir ❤

In MAP Casimir is a very joyful and friendly dog. Casimir is not possessive and you can have other dogs with him in your lap. He is very suitable and ready for adoption. Casimir can also be the only dog in a family if there is enough time for him. He surely enjoys long walks outside and is ready to be petted on your sofa ❤ Casimir just loves to be with humans and he is very easy to handle. He is a small dog and in a good condition fysically. We approximate that he is under 2 years old. His silky fur needs regular brushing.

Casimir got own home from Finland in October 2018 ❤

  • Male, born appr. in 2016, Size: Small

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