I can write her stray dog story and that may bring tears in your eyes but ….love is more than that! Love is about joy too. So I chose to present her for you as she is. Caramella, a name that brings in your mouth many senses 😉 But for sure you’ll like it 🙂 Her sweetness, her way to love people despite her sad life would make good hearts fell in love with her.

Caramella is with us now. At one of castrations we had to choose if we castrate and put her back or if we will try to change her life into good.

Caramella has born app. in January 2015. She is sterilized and vaccinated. Caramella is very suitable to be as only dog in a loving family as she is more interested in peoples’ company than other dogs’. She is easy to handle as she is wanting to be with people. An easy friend who waits…

Caramella has been adopted to Germany in 2018 ❤

  • Female, born app. in January 2015, Size: small, under 10 kg, 35 cm

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