Calim was just a kid when he came to us. He had starved for a very long time and had lacked essential nutrition exactly when he had needed it most. That’s why the form of rickets was advanced. He was practically walking on his knees and his legs seemed torn. Calim was a long time in a clinic. After a long period of treatments his legs started to heal. Now the doctors have said that his legs are ok eventhough they don’t look the most beautiful. It’s most important that they don’t seem to bother Calim anymore. He is behaving like any healthy dog. Now we hope that somebody sees beyond the photos to his soul, need of love and the deserved chance.

Calim was 4 years in MAP and he is now in a foster home in Finland. He is still slightly shy and afraid of men. Calim is looking for a peaceful home on countryside where could be a dog or two. He is now housebroken and can walk nicely in a leash. Calim also loves to drive in a car and play with his dog friends. He is now looking for a home for the rest of his life.

June 23, 2018 – News from the foster home

Calim has been in a foster home since February and is still looking for a forever home. Calim is housebroken, likes dog friends and also likes driving in a car. He can walk nicely in a leash and it is possible to teach him to stay in a yard. Calim is still a little bit afraid of men and noices. He is looking for a peaceful home from a countryside. There could be a dog friend or two. Calim is a little afraid of cats, but a peaceful cat is ok.

Autumn 2019

Calim got own home from Finland ❤

  • Male, born in 2013, Size: 45 cm, 22 kg

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