Bobi was abandoned to death in the yard of a Romanian village in a coop with two other dogs (Minnie Mouse and Mikki). His owner had moved to another city. Bobi was very lucky to be found.  Now he is safe in MAP.

Bobi is a small and long pekingese-mix (about 6 kg) and very delicate. Bobi was in a cage with an other male and a snappy female. He was the one to submit. Bobi is human friendly though being in the lap was strange for him. But after a few moments, he sighed the cool air and was very pleased.

Bobi is very well with the other dogs, but he can also be the only dog in a family. As an only dog he of course needs social contacts with other dogs outside the home. In the shelter there is no cats, so we don’t know how he behaves with the cats. Because of his relatively small size it is not likely that the cats in the adoption family would be afraid of him.

Bobi needs a lot of excercising and a diet to prevent his weight gain. A small and quite long dog like Bobi requires good muscles and slimness to keep him healthy and functional for a long time. Bobi is about a year old.

Bobi has a cherry eye which is operated when he is castrated.

January 27, 2019

Bobi got own home from Finland in January 2019 ❤

  • Male, born appr. 2018, Size: small, about 6 kg



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