We found him wondering on the road. At first he looked apparently like any other stray dog, but when we got nearer we could see better. He was like a zombie. He could hardly stand upright. For him every step was a step in a life that he had given up for a long time ago.

We stopped and tried to get nearer, but apparently he had lost his hopes for humans. We put some food in front of him and waited to see his reaction. He saw the food and just passed on. He took one step and looked back for us, at the second step he looked again like he was thinking “You will go too, I know for sure”.

We knew that he will die in pain on the fields so we turned the car and decided to catch him. It was not hard because this time he decided to give us a chance. He came by himself in Flor’s arms. Then we noticed all: only his fur made him look alive, otherwise he was just a walking skeleton. He was full of ticks and his mucosa was very pale. Babesia 100 %. His chance to die in the near future was 200 % on the fields. With us he had some chances. So we could only do the best we could … Armas survived. After a hard night for us and him this young boy decided to fight.

Armas is now about 9 months old. His fur is every day better and better. He is a very kind and friendly dog. We have never heard him barking. Armas loves humans a lot. He is doing very well with the other dogs and is now living with the other puppies. Armas is quite sensitive and so very touching dog. We don’t give him in a family with small children. We want him to get a peaceful home. Armas is a slender dog.

May 12, 2019

Armas got own home from Finland in May 2019 ❤

  • Born: appr. July 2018, Male, Size: small, 40 cm

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