Almonds eyes

We….she …all of us are lucky with this easy winter here. Last winters we had so much snow – 2 meters – and –30 C. A short hair with a small size – Almonds eyes wouldn’t have had a chance here in MAP or worse, out there! We took her to MAP only for a sterilization, her place was on the streets … BUT a gentle sweet heart in the middle of the city is an easy target for dogs catchers. In those cold cages in PS she wouldn’t have been survived. On the streets neither. So we kept Almonds eyes in MAP. She is a friendly and gentle dog who is suitable for apartments or a house. Almonds eyes needs a warm place and a family with warm hearts 🙂

Almonds eyes has been adopted to Germany in 2018 ❤

  • Female, born appr. in 2016, Size: 25–30 cm, 6–7 kg

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