Mobile clinic

My dream is to go out and to not have to come back with a pup!

This is the reason why we castrate as much as we can… but the authorities should understand that also…

I had dreamed about a mobile clinic for a very long time. In April 2018 my dream came true – thanks to MAP – Hilfe für Strassennasen e.V.

Our new mobile clinic makes it possible to do sterilizations far in countryside. In these places there are no vets or not even human doctors. People have no connection to the cities and it is too expensive for these poor people to bring there animals for sterilizations. Usually people don’t want to use very much time to bring there animals to be sterilized. The mobile clinic is the best solution because it is possible to organize the castrations in the “hot spots”. You can put the clinic in front of their houses and it is free for them. You take the animal and you put it back when it is ready. And if you make also a flea treatment people would be so happy.

How to help?

If you want to support our work, you can do it by making a donation to us.

Donations to our sterilization campaign can be made via

IBAN and Swiftcode:
NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
RO95BTRL01904205852050XX (Phoenix)



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