One sterilization costs 25 euros.

It’s very hard to estimate how many stray dogs there are in Romania. The estimates are between 2–5 million. The problem is that the authorities try to solve the problem with killing and sheltering, The sterilizations of the street and owned dogs is the best way to decrease the number of the stray dogs.

We have done sterilizations since 2006. Along this time we have castrated over 5500 animals – dogs and cats. We usually start our neutering project by feeding the dogs so that we can easier catch them. Then we collect the dogs and sterilize them. After recovery we return them to the same place where they were caught. They continue living in the same area and maybe have a little better life without having to give birth anymore. One unneutered female can produce about 67 000 puppies in six years.

If we look now on the streets we can’t see the results of our work as the authorities don’t get involved in this work. Our only satisfaction is to know that many generations of puppies who would have been born to suffer didn’t born. We have rescued them and their puppies from this suffering.

We try to educate people about the importance of the sterilizations. People often abandon the pregnant females, the females in heat and the puppies. That’s because they don’t have enough knowledge or resources to sterilize their pets. The abandoned animals suffer from starvation, abuse, car accidents and diseases. This is the reason why we also sterilize owned dogs and cats.

Our aim is to do as much sterilizations as we have resources for that. Right now we are running two big spaying and neutering projects and the 3-th (mobile clinic) is also on work. We do need all support!!! The sterilizations is the best solution to solve the stray dog problem in Romania – step by step.

How to help?

If you want to support our work, you can do it by making a donation to us.

Donations can be made via

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