Virtual adoptions

20 euros/month makes a big difference.

It’s not always possible to give real home for a dog. Maybe you want to consider virtual adoption first. Virtual adoption is a great way to support the dogs in Magda’s Angels Place.

There are many dogs in the shelter which have a very little chance of finding a home of their own. These dogs are usually too shy, too old or maybe too ordinary to get attension of adopters. They also might need special food, have health problems and there care can be expensive.

You can help these dogs with a small monthly donation so that we can give them the love and care they need. In return we invite you to join the dog’s own closed Facebook-group, where we post photos and news about your dog.

How is this working?

In the footer of this page you can find a gallery about the dogs for virtual adoption. Please look at them.

  • Make your own choice(s) about the dog(s) whom you want to support.

Send e-mail to us:

  • Tell us
    1. your name
    2. your facebook profile (url)
    3. the dog’s name
  • Make the donation (20 euros/month)

Donations can be made monthly via

IBAN and Swiftcode:
NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
RO95BTRL01904205852050XX (Phoenix)


Virtual adoptions


Arabel has been rescued from Giurgiu public shelter in 2013. That time we called her the snake girl, because she was so aggressive. Now her nickname is not anymore suitable for her.


Maca was about 6 months old when he was rescued to MAP. He was living in the street in an area where the dog catchers tried to catch him.


Nyyti has been rescued from Giurgiu public shelter in 2013. She still has difficulties to trust on people.


Veron has been rescued from the street in 2015. Veron is very shy and it is impossible to look at his teeth. So we don’t know how old he might be.

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