Some of our dogs are not anymore with us. They are our precious Angels. They are in a better place now. Let them rest in peace with all our respect <3




Antrenor has been living on the streets. He was rescued from Giurgiu public shelter and he came to MAP in 2011.


Sweet little puppy Bella is waiting for her loving family in MAP.


Boby has been rescued from the street in Giurgiu. His front leg was smashed by a baseball bat, so that we couldn’t save it anymore.


Costel is a german shepherd mix, who has been found from a street. He was running there a chain in his neck.


Mirella has born on the streets and rescued to MAP as a little puppy. Mirella has belonged for a long time to the guardian dogs of the MAP. Now Mirella is looking for own home for the rest of her life.


Moriz was found alone from a road. Now he is in MAP waiting for his forever loving home.


Sirmi has been rescued from the Giurgiu public shelter. Sirmi is very friendly and social dog, but sometimes also unpredictable. And this is the reason he can not be adopted.

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