Magda’s Angels Place is not meant to be a home for stray animals for the rest of their lifes. MAP is a rescuing center. There are stray animals in the streets who are in so bad condition that we can not leave them on the streets. We take them to MAP and try to prepare them for adoption if it is possible. MAP is meant to be a temporary place for them. Because we can accommodate only a certain number of animals adoptions give places for the ones in desperate need of care – the puppies, the old and the sick animals.

Only few local people in Romania help or adopt stray animals and that is the reason why we organize adoptions to Finland and Germany. The adoptions don’t resolve the stray dog problem in Romania, but it is changing the life of one poor animal.

We prepare the dogs with the passport and they are micro chipped, vaccinated, dewormed internally and externally. We also make all the needed tests applied by the regulations of the country that they will be adopted in.

The future family must also understand the ideology of rescueing and prevent any more puppies born as there are so many homeless animals in the world. If the dogs are old enough we sterilize the dogs before the adopting process. With small puppies the family will be committed to sterilize the dog.

If you are interested to adopt a dog please contact

Finland: Magda Radu, e-mail:

Germany: Britta Heinen in MAP – Hilfe für Strassennasen e.V.

For adoption


Magda found Henry during the first snowfall at the end of last year.

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