Our dogs

Magda’s Angels Place is a rescuing center. There are stray animals in the streets who are in so bad condition that we can not leave them on the streets. We take them to MAP and try to prepare them for adoption if it is possible. MAP is meant to be a temporary place for them. Because we can accommodate only a certain number of animals adoptions give places for the ones in desperate need of care – the puppies, the old and the sick animals.

There are many dogs in our shelter which have a very little chance of finding a home of their own. These dogs are usually too shy, too old or maybe too ordinary to get attension of adopters. They also might need special food, have health problems and there care can be expensive. Virtual adoption is a great way to support these dogs in Magda’s Angels Place.

We are also happy to introduce here our dogs which have been adopted.

Some of our dogs are not anymore with us. They are in a better place – they still are in our hearts – they are our angels

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