Who am I?

First of all I am a human with humanly feelings.

Secondly I try to stay rational in a country where the reality is overwhelming. I still try to enjoy a butterfly or a morning sunshine.

Thirdly I am a lawyer and I have kept my humanity – as a vet I do even more.

If you ask me what I wish….

I wish for every human a sparkle of light with a warm tear.

Magda_feb18After that there is nothing more for me to wish because the human heart does the rest. I could have been rich 20 years ago. As rich as only people who dream only about money can be. But my treasures are souls which I rescue. They offer me sparkles and a lot of warm tears.

So I am a lawyer and an animal activist who defends the right of the animals in Giurgiu Romania.

And – my name is Magda Radu.



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