To support our work among the stray animals in Romania you can make us a donation. Any amount can make a big difference in the lifes of these poor animals.

Here we have some examples

  • 25 euros makes possible to sterilize one female. In six years this one female can produce about 67 000 puppies to suffer.
  • The vaccination for an adult dog is about 15 euros/year
  • The deworming for one dog is about 8 euros/year
  • The annual costs for one dog/year are (incl. vaccination, deworming, microchip and Frontline)
    • Adult: about 40 euros
    • 6-months old pup (incl. 3 vaccinations): about 70 euros
    • Under 6-months old pup (incl. 4 vaccinations): 80 euros
  • The average costs for puppies with parvo are about 100 euros (the medicine without hospital).

Donations can be made via

IBAN and Swiftcode:
NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
RO95BTRL01904205852050XX (Phoenix)

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