How to help

There are several ways how you can help us in our work. You can support our sterilization project, adopt a dog or a cat, become a godparent for our shelter dogs, share our work in the social media or make any amount of donation. Even a little help can make a big difference.


We have done sterilizations since 2006. Along this time we have castrated over 5500 animals – dogs and cats. One unneutered female can produce about 67 000 puppies in six years. If we look now on the streets we can’t see the results of our work as the authorities don’t get involved in this work. Our only satisfaction is to know that many generations of puppies who would have been born to suffer didn’t born. We have rescued them and their puppies from this suffering.  Read more


Some stray animals in the street are in so bad condition that they can not survive there. Usually they are puppies, old, sick or injured animals. We have to take them to MAP and then we try to prepare them for adoption – if it is possible. Because we can accommodate only a certain number of animals adoptions give places for the ones in desperate need of care. Only few local people in Romania help or adopt stray animals and that is the reason why we organize adoptions abroad. The adoptions don’t resolve the stray dog problem in Romania, but it is changing the life of one poor animal. Read more

Virtual adoptions

There are many dogs in the Magda’s Angels Place, which have a very little chance of finding a home of their own. These dogs are usually too shy, too old, need special food, have health problems and there care can be expensive. Virtual adoption is a great way to support the dogs in Magda’s Angels Place. Read more

Share in the social media

You can also help us by sharing our posts, pages and videos in the social media. Read more


To support our work among the stray animals in Romania you can make us a donation. Any amount can make a big difference in the lifes of these poor animals.

Donations can be made via

IBAN and Swiftcode:
NGO Phoenix-animal protection and human care
RO95BTRL01904205852050XX (Phoenix)


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