Finally we got Christmas

I instinctively press close to my friends. They are by my side and it calms me down. We have spent a lot of time together. We have experienced fear, pain, hunger and thirst. The smell of it all has been hovering around us all the time. However, we have always had each other.

The door is now open. We close our eyes because the light is so bright. Fresh air fills our noses. The air smells weird. It lacks the scent of fear, hunger, anxiety, anger, and feces. It just smells clean and fresh. We open our eyes and look around. We draw fresh air into our lungs and bark gently – not out of fear, but a little surprised. We are being talked about something. Someone says we have a new life ahead of us. Our nostrils draw in fresh air, trying to gather all the information we can get. Two ladies are coming to sniff us – Cora and Aki. Even the big boss Maca is greeting us. We are newcomers and all are very interested about us. It is speculated around us that we are their new neighbors.

Everyone are saying that we’ve come to a good place, but at least I’m still very hungry. My stomach is completely empty. Then something incredible happens. We are shown soft beds and a dry place to sleep. We get to draw fresh air into our nostrils, drink fresh water and finally we also get foo-ooo-ood!

We hear a voice saying behind us: “They need to be fed every hour in small portions until their stomachs get used to the food. They also need soft blankets on their beds and plenty of time to play and run free in the outdoor area.” What is an outdoor area? The same woman continues that we now need to get a proper rest and then health tests will be done in the following days. What are they? The woman went on to say: “This should stay inside and so should this. They don’t look good at all. I take the puppies to my home. This one has hypothermia and that other one needs a winter coat, … ” Words hang in our ears as we all start to get tired of everything we have experienced.

At the end of the day, this slightly crazy woman comes to us and tells us how happy she is that we are with her now. However, she says, that she is very sad, that she couldn’t take all our friends who were left behind of us. She continues, that we have a new and better life ahead of us. We wonder a little bit that it can get better from this? We have now the best Christmas ever ❤

Merry Christmas to all of you ❤

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