Believe and your dreams will come true

Sometimes dreams come true…

We have had dreams and plans for a long time, but some dreams are almost impossible to achieve. Then there are people who like these dreams and donate money to make those dreams come true. These benefactors do not want their names made public.

Our big dream has been that the dogs in the MAP shelter could be cared for around the clock. The shelter is located far from the home of Magda and Florin in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, in bad weather, going to the shelter is almost impossible. Magda and Florin have also dreamed that they could live in such a way that home and shelter would be together. This would allow assistance to be available immediately in the event of an emergency.

Two anonymous benefactors from Germany have donated money to buy a suitable plot of land in Giurgiu. They have given Magda and Florin the opportunity to build their own house on this piece of land. With these donations, Magda and Florin were able to buy the plot and finance the construction of their house.

Do you still remember Miracle (Ihme)? Miracle was found on the street badly injured. She had a huge open wound on her head and her eyes were badly inflamed. She was completely blind at the time of rescuing. Michi adopted little Miracle a few years ago. Miracle survived, was named Peanut and spent a great life with Michi and Mark. In the memory of the late Peanut, others in need now have the opportunity for a new and better life. Michi (THE WANTS -Shoes from Germany) started raising funds through GoFundMe and Instagram. She managed to raise a whopping 42,000 euros. This amount made it possible to purchase the adjacent plot and continue construction work.

The house of Magda and Florin is almost finished, although there is still enough interior work. Whether they get to move further this year is unclear. At this point, we are also thinking hard about what the new dog shelter will look like. We now have a larger piece of land, but that doesn’t mean that more dogs will be taken to the shelter. The most important thing is that the dogs get good care and have good facilities. Our goal is to give to the current animals in the shelter bigger and better spaces. At the old MAP shelter, the dogs were allowed to run in groups to three outdoor areas in turn. With the new shelter, everyone will have an outdoor area at their disposal at all times. For the time being, the current MAP shelter will also continue to operate, as it is still unclear whether it will be needed in the future. The shelter has a lot of puppies born during spring and summer. Unfortunately, some of them always stay in the shelter when no adoption home is found. In the shelter, these puppies grow into sensitive and shy dogs, whose chances of adoption as adults are really small. That is why we want to provide them with the best possible conditions.

Florin has planted more than 1,000 small trees on the plot. Unfortunately, some of them have not survived. Trees provide protection for dogs in summer, autumn and winter. The trees planted by Florin are still too small, so larger trees are to be acquired for the plot as well.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has slowed down our work on the new shelter as aid troops from Germany have not been able to get to the scene. Magda and Florin themselves have worked on the new site as much as they have been able to. In the pictures you can see containers intended to serve as accommodation for visitors. So far, two containers have been brought to the site. A total of four are to be imported. Until now, visitors have always been able to stay at Magda and Florin’s home, which isn’t very big. It’s more comfortable that they too can have a little privacy when visitors have their own facilities.

This project has been Magda and Florin’s dream. Magda plans that this new MAP would act as a kind of center where both animals and humans would receive help. Romania is a poor country and animal welfare is based on people doing better.

This will be a great new home for MAP Shelter dogs ❤

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