When we think about you – Costel

Our respected guardian Costel slept away in April 29, 2020 –
Rest in Peace ❤

When I think of you, I remember your warmth, your wisdom, your intimacy, and your playful energy.

I will never forget when you came to lie next to me at the first time when I spent the night in MAP. You came to lie next to me to show the other guardian dogs that I belong in this herd. I have never felt so safe.

Just like Magda says .. You are much more than a big and beautiful watchdog. All of us who have met you know that.

You are gone now and we miss you so much. You have given us people very much in such a small amount of time.

We love you Costel ❤️
I know you are waiting for us on the other side.


Ozzy and all the other Magda’s dogs respect Costel’s place. None of them go to lie in his bed. They sleep on the floor beside it –maybe he is coming back… Costel had a big soft bed, because it was good for his bones. Ozzy was a little bit jealous for it, but now he just looks sad…


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