Lost in the highway

This happened close enough to Christmas to be our Christmas story. Magda and Florin were driving on the highway, when they saw a dog running there between the trucks. The dog seemed not even to notice the trucks and that he was running on the highway. The dog was almost killed.

Magda and Florin stopped the car and picked the dog up. They noticed that in fact he couldn’t hear at all. He was deaf, very big dog, approximately 80 kg, a 10-month old boy.

Magda checked the chip and he got one. In the register he was marked to be “stolen”. Next day she phoned the owner. The owner started to cry for happiness. They gave  to Magda all the details so that she could see they knew their dog. They also came right away to pick him up. At one point as they were chatting Magda realised with whom she was speaking. These people are raising a lot of contradictions in Giurgiu were Magda is living. They have a bad reputation and people hate them so much.

When they came to pick up their dog Magda saw something special – the dog and the bind, the love between them and she understood that they were not bad at all. It is so easy to judge and draw false conclusions. We are so happy that this dog got his family back for Christmas – and Magda told that she will see these people in a different light now. This was our Christmas miracle.

Merry Christmas for all of you ❤

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