Rescuing is a lonely work

The work of a Romanian animal activist is lonely. Magda has dedicated her life for helping the animals. Her family, husband, and herself are on the second place when the animal is in distress. She says that her soul mates have four feet ❤

Magda’s biggest wish is that an increasing number of people will understand to help animals and that one day it will be possible to walk the streets of Romania without ever encountering distressed animals in need.

During the spring and summer, many kittens and puppies have come to the MAP again. Just recently, Magda took care of the little kittens that were found trashed in a small shoe box. They were only a few days old and without a mommy when they were found. There are also many puppies at the MAP shelter that should not have to grow up in the shelter. It is very sad when a little happy puppy grows into an adult timid dog when it has to spend his life in a shelter without many human contacts.

So rescuing is a lonely work. All we can do is to help Magda in every possible ways: supporting sterilizations, adopting and sharing in social media.

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