Dogs and more dogs…

Yesterday Magda got a message from an older lady near Giurgiu. That lady was asking for her help. She has 18 dogs, which she had rescued from the street. Now she felt that she could not anymore take care of them, because of her old age. Her husband is sick and she has to take care of him. She told that the dogs where healthy and beautiful and could be easily put on adoption. She told that she is desperate and trying to find some solution. She had even thought about putting them in a puclic shelter 😦 Along the years she had taken care about them alone but now it was too much for her.

So – now Magda has spoken with her and promised to take the dogs in a small groups (2–4 dogs at a time) to MAP.

Here are some of her dogs ❤ All of them are microchiped, vaccinated and they have a health card.

This is Lora. A female born in November 7, 2017. She is sterilized and has a health certificate.

Angi is a female born in December 2017. She is also sterilized.

Panda is the biggest one. He is born in November 2013 and he is uncastrated.

Mira is born in November 7, 2017. She is sterilized.


Eli is also a female and is born in November 7, 2017.


Eli, Lora and Mira are sisters. They were abondened as a little puppies and had to be bottle feeded when they were found.


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