Rest in Peace Mirella

We are mourning in MAP 💔 Mirella passed away yesterday. She died at 9 o’clock, whether it was a stroke or a heart attack, we do not know – only that she is dead.

Mirella was our loyal guardian dog for nine years. Above all – she was an invaluable friend. In the dark nights in MAP Mirella gave safety. She was always ready to comfort in your sorrows. Mirella was always happy to meet. She jumped against and hugged for a long time the people who were important to her. She had a special way to get attention. She used her paws and scratched for attention. In the summer we all had our bare feet punctured as she scratched at regular intervals to get her moment of affection.

Mirella was not held back by the two-meter fences of the shelter. She was always there where she wanted to be. Usually, however, Mirella was always next to the human.

Magda’s Angels Place feels empty. Even quiet, even though surrounded by dog ​​barking. Maca, the second guardian dog in the shelter, looks lost without Mirella, too. He is wandering around restlessly.

Mirella does not need a home anymore. Her life was in MAP and she had so many people who loved her.

See you later Mirella dear ❤️ We are so uncomfortable without you…

We end with Magda’s words:

I didn’t lost a MAP’ s dog I lost a trusted friend. One of the pack who took care of MAP along the time which I trusted, loved …I lost more then a human friend I lost one of the few trusted souls in my life …

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