Don’t end up to sustain a private business

This post is for all people, who want to help some stray animals and they end up sustaining a private business. In Facebook you can find many “rescuers” asking for help to dogs in a misery. Maybe you want to help and start sending money to them.


  • Number 1: If you choose to do that, what will happen when you will have no money and stop sending money? These animals will be abandoned back to the street.
  • Number 2: Those people will give no mercy to these animals, because they run a business. All the money is for them, not for these animals.
  • Number 3: The smartest thing that you can do is not to use their services and also to point out in public so that others can also see and stay as far as possible.

But there is still the question “How to help?”. First of all…

  1. Find a reliable rescuer, who is continuously spaying and neutering. Help her/his work.
  2. Do not try to save all Romanian dogs and cats, because it is impossible.
  3. Focus on helping step by step and do the best you can for spay/neuter -campaigns!

Remember: only collecting animals doesn’t really help! Preventing is making the difference!

But the most important rule is: stay far of scams! Don’t accept compromises, because your animals will end up back on the street and you do more harm than you help!

If you wish to help do not forget:

  • it takes time
  • energy
  • it is damn hard and…
  • you must sacrifice not only your coffee but your life for it!

So step back, think what you really want and after that find out carefully who you can really trust… and then make your decision.

The dog in this post is safe with us.

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