A drop of good

It all started a little while ago. I was starting a castration project in the villages near Giurgiu. Then I realised another side of the animal problem.  I knew it, but I had not faced it like this – directly. The circumstances how people with their animals lived.

I started from the premise that I couldn’t take all the animals to MAP. It was clear. Then I started to think about a solution how we could help on the spot. With Gabriela Gabriela’s help we set up a plan – to work with small steps. You can’t help a dog to get a little better life if people are not feeling a little better too. Maybe we can’t change the world. Maybe we can’t make the sun rise suddenly between the clouds. But there is something we can do, we can give a drop of good. It is in our hands. It does not require very huge efforts. It’s like a seed you plant. If you don’t plant anything you can’t expect anything to grow.

The first steps to me was to gather what I had. I gathered my toys and I went to the first house. The second step was to go to the next house and so on. Then some wonderful children gathered what they could for less lucky kids. A drop of good ❤

And like that we have continued. I have left doghouses for a handful of dogs that have slept so far in the rain tied to a tree. We have given some warm mat also in these houses. We have had the satisfaction of getting people to understand to change the heavy metal chains to light cordlines. We had to order them online, because they are not found in Giurgiu.

I wish to live in a normal world. In a state which has constitutional rights to a decent life and real, functional programs to guarantee the rights. Why do I care about this? What does the animals do with it? As long as children are not getting an education the future is not going to be any better! How can I dare to dream of decent times for the animals when those who have to build the future are seeing them soaked in violence and shortcomings.

What can I do? I can fix myself as much as I can. No more or less, but a drop of good is a small step but it is still a step forward.

Just remember – no one will ask you what you can’t. At least a drop of good you can, just that!

I want to thank all of you and wish you Merry Christmas ❤

We can together make the New Year better for all living creatures step by step…

A drop of good
It’s the first time he has a cage. When we turned around and went at home, we slept happily thinking about him.

Article2_Dec18A drop of good

A drop of good
The dog house
A drop of good
We are mounting the dog house.
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